99 44/100 % true…

That’s how I describe them. Once, in the grand style of one of my most beloved writers, Patrick F. McManus, I decided the world needed to hear my own true tales of fishing, hunting, and camping. After all, I could give them a unique perspective: a female perspective.

So far, only a select audience has ever read these snippets of a past life. A life I’d like to get back, but at the same time, am glad is long behind me.

So, for the holidays this year, look for “No Turn Unstoned; No Bait Unhooked” six short stories of my misspent sporting youth. All of them 99 44/100% true! With many hand-drawn, colorful metaphors.

Here are some highlights:

‡Deer Wars‡
“Shoot zee deer, Ter. Vhy are you not shooting zee deer?
Zhey are eating mein garten! Kill zhem all!”
What happens when you have a landlord determined
to eliminate an entire species from Tewksbury Township.

‡ First Bass ‡
I undergo Bass Basic Training

‡ Sharon and the Raccoons ‡
Have a hair-raising time with the Roy sisters on safari
in the wilds of northwesternmost Sussex County, NJ

‡ Camping with Mom ‡
A lifetime legacy of memories

‡ A Good Horse ‡
He was skinny. He made ugly faces. He was free, and he was my first horse.

‡ The Deer Little Tail ‡
“My first deer, Terry-terry! My first deer!”
Does a road kill count as a First Deer? My housemate at the time certainly thought so,
since she saw it first.
But then…

2 Responses to “99 44/100 % true…”

  1. Mary N says:

    I’m excited about this one! And when it’s published I hope to present it to the coach of the speech team at my daughters’ old HS (if that’s OK!). The kids often compete using Patrick McManus’ pieces. Yours are equally funny and would make good competition pieces, IMO.

  2. Oephilia says:

    Haha! I’m glad to be reviewing your blog finally. ABSOLUTELY DO THIS!! Include pictures and use very large printe and sell it for some outrageous price as a “coffee-table book”. You’ll make a fortune!

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