The SFR Romance Brigade Presents: Discovery – A Far Out Romance (SF/Romance)

An excerpt from Discovery, A Far Out Romance

Another growl, and she shook again. More water flew and he ducked.

The fine, short hairs stood out now at angles all over her body. She resembled an angry, wet kitten. One very angry wet kitten. One that emitted sparks. Real sparks that hissed and crackled. If not for the acute discomfort on her face, he would have laughed.

Of course he realized what was happening. Water conducted electricity, her body produced electricity, and he was Earth’s greatest idiot for not thinking about that a bit earlier. Wincing, he imagined what intense static charges all over one’s body must feel like. Forget that tiny snap your fingers got after crossing a woolen carpet and touching metal. She was experiencing heavy duty shocking. Miniature sheet lightning popped out all over her body. Ouch!

And she tried to tell me. She really had. He hadn’t listened or bothered trying to understand why she hadn’t been thrilled with the idea of bathing with water. He just assumed she, like most humans, would appreciate the luxury of a hot shower with soap and shampoo, especially after sleeping in the woods and running for their lives. Stupid. Really stupid. Guilt smacked him hard in the gut.

He’d proceeded to get her completely soaked and lathered, not letting the building tingles warn him. Instead, he’d gotten lost in the pleasurable aspects those small shocks produced, along with the tactile pleasures of laving her wet, sleek body with slippery lather. He sought comfort in knowing that for a while she’d enjoyed it too.

But now—

He pushed his damp hair from his eyes and shook his head. “She liked everything else. Go figure. I get the alien with the ‘Dry Clean Only’ tag. What an idiot I am!”

Now she stood there, angry, the damp air surrounding her thrumming with electricity. It had to hurt. And nothing grounded her. Through his bare feet he started to feel the shocks that rammed through her damp form with every beat of her pulse.

“I better ask for more towels,” he said, feeling discretion was the better part of valor at that point. He grabbed the clean clothing before the shirt and sweats became soaked like the rest of the room. “I’ll leave these right outside.”

* * * * *

DISCOVERY – A Far Out Romance is available as an ebook from Amazon, Kobo, BN, and iTunes and right now is on sale for 99 cents  (or the equivalent of the US dollar value in other countries.)  It is also available in paperback from the usual online retailers.

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  1. Oh this is WONDERFUL! I enjoyed the excerpt so much, great concept, so much fun re the static electricity. Going off to Amazon to buy this NOW.

  2. Deb Bailey says:

    Great descriptions! Love the idea of a dry clean only alien. :)

  3. Karen Warren says:

    Thoroughly enjoyed this book. Would love to see a novella or sequel to this. I have many questions, but won’t post them here–don’t want to spoil the fun!

  4. Pam Smith says:

    I just got it and looking forward to reading. Loved your blog here and planning to follow it. :)

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